We accept only quality papers which show originality and significance and must not be published anywhere else in any form other than abstract. All papers are double blind peer reviewed. Reviewers are anonymous and belong to universities and have outstanding publication record. The decision relating to acceptance or rejection of papers rests on the Reviewers who are the members of the International Scientific and Review Committee.

How to prepare a manuscript for conference or for affiliated journal (owned by the International publishers who are members of COPE, DOAJ and other indexing bodies such as Scopus and ISI).Your paper must be prepared in the following order or sequence and comply to all undernoted requirements in order to make your paper acceptable by us. Such compliance is required for journal submission as well.


The introduction must contain:

• Problem statement, objective or research question.

• Motivation or reasons behind your study provided

• Significance of the study

• A paragraph stating that your findings is different from others with a distinctive contribution to the body of knowledge

• A statement relating to how the paper is organized.


Literature Review should:

• Cite adequate and relevant past studies (preferably after 2000).

• Describe how your research question or problem statement was not answered by the past studies

• State the weakness of the previous studies or research


Methodology should include:

• Data or study period for considerable time.

• Justification for selecting years of study.

• Justification for sample size, the model used or research method applied.


Results/ Analysis must show:

• Results/findings which are convincing and well explained

• Interpretation of results which supports or rejects hypotheses

• How results are new and contributes to body of knowledge


Conclusion must mention:

• Originality and timeliness of the research

• How you have created or advanced knowledge

• The implication of your research

• Limitations of the study


All articles submitted to the Journals must comply with these guidelines and non-compliance to any of the above points may result in rejection of the paper.

The length of an article (including references and end-notes) should not exceed 5000 words. However, tables and figures are not included in the word count.The first page must contain following information:

Title of the paper (which should not be long)

The full names and affiliations of the authors, and the full postal and email address, plus fax and telephone numbers. When we send the paper for review we will remove this information for blind review.

All authors must provide a cover page to state that the content has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere in any form (except abstract).

An abstract should not be more than 100 words and must include problem statement/research question, sample size, model, if any, study period and the conclusion which must mention new findings. The abstract must not contain abbreviations or references. JEL classification numbers and keywords (field of research) should be stated separately at the end